CityFest Woodstock will be featuring some of the most amazing bands, all on the amazing stage at the new Northside Hospital Cherokee Amphitheater in Downtown Woodstock, GA.

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CityFest Woodstock is hosted by Dr. Eric Richards and Beth Bacall. Dr. Richards will also be speaking on health and nutrition issues from his 60 Day Turnaround plan in breaks between entertainers (see italicized items below). Entertainment schedule is as follows:

1:50p    60 Day Turnaround – Food Matters (by Dr. Eric Richards)
2:00p    Shelly Johnson
2:45p    The Hot Hearts
3:45p    60 Day Turnaround – Sugar is Killing Us (by Dr. Eric Richards)
4:00p   Chinua Hawk
5:15p    Tall Bear
6:20p    60 Day Turnaround – Addiction is Responsible for All of It (by Dr. Eric Richards)
6:30p    Blonde River
8:00p    North Point InsideOut
10:00p  Final Announcements and Good Night